How to Install Dolby Atmos in PC/Laptop

How to Install Dolby Atmos ® on Any PC ?-Latest Windows 7,8,8.1

Here is the guide “How to Install Dolby Atmos on your PC or Laptops running in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10  via Easy Steps”

Now a days Realistic Sound Plays a vital Role in Entertainment, Amusement and Excitement around the world. All sound addicted people need their digitally produced sound should be more real as it is recorded from the source.


Before Going to Tutorial Just Go through Dolby Atmos Sound Technology Sample Video here.

So just have a look at evolution of Dolby Technology till now. In 1965 Dolby was founded and the first ever movie that had used Dolby Noise reduction Technology is “A Clockwork Orange”. Then “The Batman Returns” is the First Movie that came with Dolby Digital Surround Sound Technology. After that Dolby came across lot of updated sound systems such as

  • Dolby Digital.
  • Dolby Surround EX.
  • Dolby Theatre.
  • Dolby Voice.
  • Dolby Vision™.
  • Dolby Cinema™
  • Dolby Atmos®.

The best of all Dolby Inventions in Sound system is Dolby Atmos. Most of the people have Surround system in their home using Home Theater and many will visit Cinema Theater only for Dolby Atmos Real Sound, if you have that in your PC or Laptop, There is no need of going Theatre for realistic feel of sound.


So, Here the Simple and Quick Steps to Install Dolby Atmos in Your PC or Laptop.


Remove the pre-installed Sound drivers found in PC such as Realtek, Creative sound drivers etc. Because too many drivers can’t function together as you can via control panel that is shown below.



Download and Extract Dolby drivers from this Download Link –


You can’t install in windows-8 and above .For that you have to restart PC with advanced start-up option and Disable Driver Verification option as shown below.

  • Click the section Restart Now in Advanced Start-up.


  • Click Start-Up settings


  • Enable the 7-th value Disable Driver Signature


After Completing Step3 you can now install PCE drivers which is compatible with your PC that 32bit or 64bit Operating system since drivers provided separately for both.


As PCE drivers got installed in your PC, Go for installation of Dolby Home Theater V4 Setup as shown below.




Now everything is Completed, You just have to open and Run Dolby Home Theater as shown Below.


Now run it and Customize your Dolby Sound Experience.


  • Bsbb Salve

    Sir I have some problems with the article ‘this app required firmware version 2.0 so
    What I do?

  • Sai Ram Deshmukh Mateti

    hi i have installed everthing and working fine on first time. after some time the windows is automatically updating the driver and i cant stop it from updating realtek driver. i am using win 10.