How to make pc faster if RAM is slow

How to Make Your PC RAM Faster?

Is Your PC has Less RAM ? Want to Increase it’s Speed?

A PC is made up of innumerable hardware components which makes it work perfect. Among all of those the maximum significant is RAM. Also known as Random Access Memory, RAM is fundamentally a kind of PC storing chip which comprised of high speed read and write operations which is very much effective than all other storage media’s inside the PC such as SSDs and HDDs.

Consequently, RAM is very much essential to the ‘rapidity’ of a PC, Smart Phone or Laptops. Also that’s what the reason for contemporary PCs (high tech laptops specially made for high end games and workstation) and modern smart android phones (some models such as OnePlus 3T and Asus Zenfone AR) arrived in market with masses of RAM.

How to make pc faster if RAM is slow2

On the other hand as important as RAM is to processing a high end game or a high tech apps or software on your PC, you would be not able to install further extra RAM than whatever’s sustained by your PC or Laptop (or much precisely, PC’s motherboard). Such as, if the motherboard of any PC or Laptops or Desktop Computers which is compactable with an extreme of 8GB high speed RAM, you just could not have a specs to have 16GB much faster RAM (It could be possible if you upgrade your hardware). However whatever if you might create high end programs and more RAM consuming games that works on your PC, though if it has fewer RAM?

Bring it out, it’s certainly can be done. For that you just require is a RAM Drive creator software. If want to make it simple, this application needs a some portion (user-allocated memory) of your CPU’s RAM and it would be mounted as an virtual hard disk (so far known as RAM Disk or RAM Drive). That exactly indicates that you could obtain a software could be processed from the Hard disk storage perform much quicker if it were processing from RAM.

Eager to know the how to? Here’s How to make your PC works faster even if you have less RAM?

Note: In internet there are n-number of RAM Drive maker applications and programs can be downloaded. But as reliable we would suggest Miray RAM Drive. However the reason is it’s immeasurably easy to apply and it is not comprised of any perplexing configurations and manuals. So that, Startup and first time users could use it easier.
Here I would like to explain you via few easy steps that “How to make a PC or Laptop runs programs quicker with help of Miray RAM Drive Tool?”

STEP 1: Kindly download the Miray RAM Drive free version that could be possible in its homepage and proceed to installation process. The program will also notify you to install a virtual RAM disk driver.

Step 2: After the installation process is finished, Miray RAM Drive starts to perform in your PC and will be displayed inside system tray as tray icon. Just click that and you will find a slider that indicates around 20 to 4125 MB maximum. You could adjust that slider to change the level of RAM that the program have to use as a virtual hard disk.

Step 3: Subsequently adjusting the restrictions or limits, then you would be requested to click the green color power icon
Step 4: Miray RAM Drive starts to process from that point. The program will generate a virtual RAM rive disk, that would be highlighted with your PC’s default hard disk drives.

Congrats, now you have finished all those processes and your PC is enough fast to perform any high end software/games much quicker than before by reassigning it to the RAM Disk. Once completed, just you have to click Miray RAM Drive’s tray icon in the PC’s tray again to make it off.